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Cloud Nine Tray


This tray features specialty sour apple dichoic🍏💫on no longer produced spectrum pink/grape opal art “Valhalla”💖💜🤍 with extra dichroic flakes sprinkled all around✨
6.5”x9.5” 6mm thickness
Fully encased/capped with clear for food/roll safety❤️‍🔥😁
Signed chibit #2

50% of the sale of this piece will be donated to Last Prisoner Project

The Last Prisoner Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. As the United States moves away from the criminalization of cannabis, giving rise to a major new industry, there remains the fundamental injustice inflicted upon those who have suffered criminal convictions and the consequences of those convictions.

Donation receipts will be posted on Instagram once completed 🙏❤️


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