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Universe Inside A Tray


Kilnformed, coldworked, and slumped glass universe tray set (induvial options) 6mm thick
One of the mini trays features four dichroic stars and a dichroic vortex
Second mini tray featuring six dichroic stars
Made with licorice swirl art glass with Dichroic stars, vortex, and flakes.
Signed Chibit on the backside
Comes priority shipped.
The first step in creating this beautiful glass tray set was cutting, stacking, and fusing a layer of licorice swirl art glass with the dichroic stars and flakes, and a layer of compatible clear glass on top to protect the dichroic and create an easy to clean surface.

The process of fusing glass can trap tiny air bubbles between the layers. This does not affect the structural quality of the piece but adds uniqueness to each one and is often an intentional design component.

After the first firing the glass is cleaned, inspected and coldworked. Then the piece is fired again at a lower temperature and slumped over a mold to give it the correct shape

Dichroic Glass is a multi layer coating placed on glass by using a highly technical vacuum deposition process.
Quartz Crystal and Metal Oxides are Vaporized with an electron beam gun in an airless vacuum chamber and the vapor then floats upward and attaches then condenses on the surface of the glass in the form of a crystal structure.


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